• Moss Agate Picture
    Moss Agate

    Not exactly an agate because of the properties and appearance, Moss agate is a semi-precious stone having multi shades of green, which somewhat resemble to those of leaves and mosses from distance. Moss agates, in previous times, were considered as the stone of warriors. All the way in the course of history and all cultures, Moss Agate has been recognized as the gemstone of the agricultures and gardeners. It was considered a phenomenal healing stone for the priests of the tribal areas, giving them power to interrelate with the human organic system. Moss Agate’s properties and features Moss agate or the mocha stone is a semi-precious stone produced from silicon dioxide. It is a type of chalcedony which consists of mineral deposits of green colour rooted in the stone, creating strands or other wonderful patterns indicative of moss. Moss agate sometimes also resemble to blue cheese. Moss agate gets it colours through the trace amounts of metal present in them as an impurity, such as iron or chrome. Valence of the metals plays a vital role in colours of these stones. Despite its name, Moss agate does not include any kind of organic material; rather it is formed out of the weathered volcanic rocks. Click to Continue

  • Unakite Picture

    A combination of three minerals, Green Epidote, Pink Fieldspar and Quartz, Unakite is a balancing stone that keeps the trio of mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects attuned. The ease of tumbling, the polish, and the compactness has made this stone a standard stone gem that can be used for ornamental and jewellery purposes. It has derived its name from the Unakas Mountains in the USA. Unakite is also known as Epidote, which has derived its name from the Greek epidosis meaning “growing together. Click to Continue

  • Umbalite Picture

    Umbalite is a stone that encourages kindness, compassion and love. It is a stone that allows one to have gratitude towards the abilities and blessings that he/she has received from the supreme. Belonging to the family of Pyrope Garnet, Umbalite embraces most of the qualities of a garnet gem. Therefore, it is also known to enhance strength and courage in the human being. It is also believed that it is good to wear Umbalite in the workplace to improve performance and productivity without the loss of quality. Click to Continue

  • Turquoise Picture

    The talisman of kings, shamans, and combatants, Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone that the humankind has ever known. The beautiful shade that it holds has given the vocabulary of colors a new color called Turquoise. It is a stone of protection and strength, and gives you a soothing feeling when you keep it in hand. This ancient gemstone is highly regarded by a number of civilizations around the world due to the metaphysical and healing properties that it encompasses. Although being ancient, Turquoise finds itself in fashion again and again in every era as it has a magnetising beauty that attracts people to wear it in rings, earrings, neckpieces, etc. The name Turquoise is taken from the French word, “Pierre Turquoise”, which means “Turkish stone,” because the trade routes that bought Turquoise to Europe from the mines of Asia were taken through Turkey. The Venetian merchants used to often purchase precious and semi-precious stone from the Turkish markets. Click to Continue

  • Tsavorite Picture

    The stone of benevolence, vitality, prosperity, vigour, and compassion, Tsavorite is the gemstone of the Grossular Garnet family. Tsavorite is the stone that helps the person in discovering beauty within himself and in others. It helps the wearer to make and maintain his own destiny rather than struggling and running behind those things which are truly not theirs. Being the stone increasing prosperity, Tsavorite not only bestows affluence, but also reduce the financial anxieties of the ones who wear it. The beautiful shining green crystals of Tsavorite have an extremely long history, and they are relatively new in the world of gems and jewels. Click to Continue

  • Tourmaline Picture

    With an outstanding variety of colors, Tourmaline is rare gemstone that is referred to as 'gemstone of the rainbow' as it depicts all the colors of the rainbow. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral stone that is well acknowledged for its implausiblecapability to help in the process of detoxification of the human body. It is one amongst those stones that truly encompasses the ability to emit far-infrared rays, and negative energies. This amazing stone has derived its name from “Tura Mali”, which is a Singhalese phrase that in English means “stone mixed with vibrant colors”. Click to Continue

  • Topaz Picture

    The Topaz has a vast history of thousands of years that is connected to it. Some people believe that Topaz got its name from “Topazos”, which is a small island near Red Sea. Ancient Greeks obtained this stone from there, and they started calling the stones as Topaz. The Topaz is also a famous birthstone in which blue Topaz is great for people born in December, and yellow Topaz for the people born in November. Generally, the colors in Topaz are not very hard to find, but the rarest and most sought-after of them all are found in pink and red. Imperial Topaz is considered as the most valuable and high-prized stone. It was named as imperial to honour the Russian royalties and czars, because the Ural Mountains which were a leading producer of pink Topaz was owned by them. Click to Continue

  • Tanzanite Picture

    Relatively a new, but an incredibly beautiful stone in the world of stones and gems, Tanzanite has no illustrious an ancient history as the other stones have, but it is still an extremely demanded and popular semi-precious stone due to the spectacular looks that it owns. Tanzanite was discovered at first in 1967, below the areas of Mount Kilimanjaro, and hence has been named for its country of origin, Tanzania, Africa. It is one of the most prized crystals of all due to its metaphysical properties of spiritual discovery, and getting together all features of communication and intuitive power. It is hence also called as the “Stone of Magic”. Tanzanite is one of the most fascinating and enviable precious of today’s modern world.   Click to Continue

  • Sunstone Picture

    Embracing the radiance and vivacity of sun and fire, Sunstone carries the energy of the sun god known as Ra. The energy of sun god brings the potential lives of all the creatures that stay within the earth. Sunstone is very renowned as the stone inculcating leadership, freedom, personal power, and expanded consciousness. Sun and fire epitomizes light and energy, and so do the Sunstone. Sunstone, in true ways, reflects the qualities of warmth, openness, compassion, mental clarity, and strength. Sunstone is stone, which is full of joy and ecstasy. It inspires enjoyment, feeling of abundance, and good nature in the one who wears it. Sunstone is a protective stone, and the sparkling golden-orange hue that it has, has given it the name of Sunstone. Click to Continue

  • Sugilite Picture

    Considered as one of the most prominent love stones, Sugilite is a striking purple colored gemstone that has been widely known for its great nurturing and healing properties.  Sugilite is a recent, and a very newer member in the world of gems and jewels. Sugilite is not very well-known for its name, but it is more notable for being incredibly beautiful with deep purple shade. Although, this gemstone is rather atypical, it is found in large stacks, which makes it great for certain type of uncommon ornamental jewellery. This stone gives an extraordinarily exceptional combination when mixed with malachite, turquoise, and coral. Sugilite is believed to be a stone that can bring important realization that can connect both body and mind, and maintain its well-being. Click to Continue

  • Spinel Picture

    Spinel is a naturally occurring beautiful stone, which has suffered because of its rarity and beauty and has extensively been used as a substitute of Ruby. It is said that most of the famous rubies used as gems in crowns around the world are actually Spinels. Ones a misunderstood gem, Spinel is now a favourite stone of collectors and gem dealers, and is mined for its own sake on account of its vividness, solidity and wide range of spectacular and vibrant colors. Spinel is a long-lasting and durable gemstone that is considered as perfect for all jewellery purposes. It is most often faceted in round, oval or cushioned shapes, but now it is not found in standardized sizes due to its scarcity. Click to Continue

  • Spessartine Picture

    Traditionally known as the stone of garnet, Spessartine is an uncommon gemstone that is not much known to the mankind. The energizing and warm radiations of the fiery reddish-orange color give strength to the wearer and impart in the wearer the willingness to help others. Spessartine is known to enhance the analytical process of the mind, and lets the person to have a more rational approach towards life. It instils creativity in the one who wears it, and gives the power to one to chase and fulfil his dreams. Spessartine is known to especially work towards one’s aspirations, dreams, and objectives in life. Spessartine is considered to be a valuable stone for writers, dancers, actors, and artists, all those who are in some or the other way related to creativity, and are surrounded by creative realm. Spessartine has received its name from the Spessart district of Bavaria, in Germany. Click to Continue

  • Sodalite Picture

    A splendid and royal blue mineral, Sodalite is widely enjoyed as an ornamental gemstone. It is a stone of judgment, rationality, and competence. It is supportive for people working in groups and it enhances new thoughts and ideas. Sodalite is a composed and communicative crystal, which is not much prevalent.  This amazing gemstone can be obtained from a handful of localities. Regardless of this, Sodalite is a moderately reasonably priced and easily available stone. It is very much related to the popular Lapis Lazuli, and may be used its substitute because Lapis is quite a valuable and expensive gemstone. Sodalite was discovered in 1811 in the Ilimaussaq intrusive complex in Greenland. Until that time it did not become significant as an ornamental stone, however in 1891 when huge deposits of fine Sodalite material were founded in Ontario, Canada, it gained its prominence in the world of gems and jewels due to its magnificent color and royalty as a gemstone. Click to Continue

  • Shungite Picture

    As per the studies, Shungite is almost 2 billion years old. It is a very powerful and rare to find stone, and the healing properties that it holds have labelled it as a miraculous stone. Shungite is a stone that is considered to have a very strong connection with the earth and hence are also regarded as grounded. Shungite is very much similar in appearance to that of coal, and it was mined way back in Russia. It has become extremely popular in west in the present times due to its curative and remedial properties. Shungite is sometimes also termed as the “Stone of Life”. Shungite is considered an admirable resource of safety from destructive electromagnetic radiation from microwave ovens, computers, TV, mobile phones, etc. Click to Continue

  • Serandite Picture

    A simple and beautiful crystal believed to support harmony, Serandite is rare pink colored gemstone. The vibrations and energy of this stone encourages acceptance and tolerance, and the loving energy of Serandite promotes connectivity with the divine. Serandite is a very famous mineral, which was first discovered in Quebec, Canada at Mt. Saint-Hilaire. The stone has been named after a mineral collector, J.M. Serand, who assisted in the discovery of Serandite in 1931. Serandite is considered a prized collector's stone, used more or less exclusively as a mineral variety or because of its metaphysical properties.   Click to Continue

  • Selenite Picture

    The excellent and amazingly effective stone for the new age spirituals, Selenite is a variety of gypsum.  The Selenite crystal embraces a moon-like glow, and hence it has been named after the Greek goddess of Moon, Selene. This is the stone of reconciliation, which is considered really efficient when exchanged between lovers. Selenite is a very powerful stone yet very delicate, and hence it is advised to use it with responsibility and caution. In ancient folklores, there was a belief that certain milky and transparent crystals are waned and polished with the moon, and Selenite is one amongst them. The Selenite crystals are considered to be remarkably peaceful. They carry and embrace high-frequency vibration, which is excellent in cleansing and clarity of the mind along with deep sense of internal peace. This pearly and gleaming crystal can also assist you in establishing contacts with your angels and spirited guides. Click to Continue

  • Sapphire Picture

    The magnificent and holy Sapphire is a naturally occurring stone, and is also known as a stone of wisdom. Sapphire is considered as a royal and prophetic stone, which is regarded as the gem of the gems. Sapphire is one of the varieties of corundum, which is largely used in jewellery. The most precious shade of Sapphire is the cornflower blue, which is known as Cornflower Blue Sapphire or Kashmir Sapphire. Sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones, and its price may differ on the basis of its cut, carat, shape, color, and clarity. The finest colored Sapphire with deep and splendid blue shade having remarkable transparency may reach several thousand dollars per carat. Click to Continue

  • Ruby Picture

    The queen of the gemstones and the most powerful precious stone in the universe, Ruby is largely associated with love, attraction, and passion. It is worn and liked by almost every one, particularly women. As the color of love is depicted as red, so is the color of this incredibly beautiful stone. The warm red color of Ruby gives the sense of vitality and verve. Since times immemorial, Ruby has been considered as an undisputed monarch in the world of gemstones. Ruby is a rare stone; even transparent large sizes of Rubies are rare than Diamonds. One can say that Ruby is a perfect stone as it contains everything that is required to carve a beautiful jewel out of it i.e. the ideal hardness, magnificence, splendid color, and outstanding radiance. For a long period of almost 2000 years, the classical country of Ruby has been considered as India because of the splendour and luxury of the sovereignty. Ruby was the charm of the emperors and the elite class people in ancient India, which used to add more allure and glamour to their royalty. Ruby adorns the insignia of a lot of imperial households in the world even today. Click to Continue

  • Rhodochrosite Picture

    The stone of love and Balance, Rhodochrosite is the free-form shaped cabochons. It is believed that when Rhodochrosite is worn or carried, it can help you get love into your life by boosting your inner hidden charisma, and directing your magnetism to highest physical levels. The word Rhodochrosite is derived from a Greek word “rhodon”, which means rose, and “chroma”, which means color. Rhodochrosite is now considered as the official state mineral of Colorado. There was a belief in the people of Inca Empire that Rhodochrosite is the blood of their former kings and queens which has turned into a precious stone, and that is why they named Rhodochrosite as Inca Rose. Click to Continue

  • Pyrite Picture

    Often termed as the “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is a beautiful and useful mineral stone which exactly looks like an imitation of gold. Te gleaming beauty of this mineral hides in itself the power of protection and shield that safeguards the one who wears it against all negative and pessimistic energies. Pyrite is an element of earth, and also reverberates to Fire energy. The fire and earth energy both symbolizes the wearer’s ability to generate prosperity and wealth by one’s power. It also connotes to lasting presence and warmth. Pyrite is considered to be masculine in power and nature; it is a stone of action, will and vitality. Pyrite is believed to bring confidence into the person that carries him through the phase of completing the tasks he took up. Pyrite was extensively used in jewellery making in the ancient times, but now its popularity in jewellery making has slightly decreased. Pyrite, other than being called as ‘Fool’s Gold”, is also known as iron Pyrite and “Cat’s Gold” in Germany. Pyrite once was extremely admired and high-prized by the native Indian tribes of America because it was believed to be a magical crystal for them. Pyrite was polished by them into mirrors for fortunetelling and gazing. Before the 18th century, Pyrite was used as a decorative stone for rings, jewellery boxes, shoe buckles, badges, etc. It was also very popular in England during the Victorian age. Click to Continue